Professional / University Teaching

Catie’s class is a full bodied investigation concerning the self in relationship to subconscious knowledge and the information already located inside the body. Her movement is primarily based in a grounded, loose vocabulary that is built upon a commitment to understanding and researching subtleties that eventually relate to larger scale ideas. Catie hopes to give space for your moving body through a serious silliness and a complex, unspoken game of hide and seek. Her class aims to open unknown terrain by moving past judgements, enabling a freer, wilder self to emerge. Movement phrases derive from a hybrid mentality, challenging the class to a clear execution inside intricate, quick-moving material. Catie hopes to create an imaginative space where students feel liberated to take chances and risk failure in a protected classroom. 

For teaching or choreographic inquiries, please email

Catie teaches adult classes and workshops frequently in New York City. In the last year, she has taught at Cedar Crest College, Gibney Dance, FAILSPACE/NYC, Boston Contemporary Dance Project, Bridge for Dance, MG+Artists student + adult workshops and many other local intensives.