unwillingly and whole-heartedly attempting to understand my chosen silences and unplanned outbursts, my incredibly addicting solitude and my burning desire for companionship. i am a woman of contradiction, of fiction, consumed by my effort .. attempting to unpack my responsibilities as I move through a harshly unfair world. we're still finding the courage to choose ourselves and each other, together. i wake up and choose dance. and i continue to try and find the courage.

dance is my direct way into the world - helping me to simultaneously complicate, simplify, undress and dress up.. i believe that sharing dance as generously, willingly, and as often as possible can initiate a deep change in the world.
dance as my own secret has given me a world of wonder, but
 i’ve learned that when we lend dance to others, it becomes stronger, larger, more vital.


onward II   recognizing how our bodies matter, together and apart. exposing the underside of our identities, allowing ourselves to confront who we are, merging my body's pathways with yours. this is the way i know and the reason i choose dance. it is the lens through which i see.